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Manage My Fonts 1.0

Manage My Fonts will help you to manage the fonts installed in your system
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Manage My Fonts is a program that will help you to manage the fonts installed in your system. It will show you the list of installed fonts according to three criteria: by font face, by font name or by file name. You can type any text you want to see how it looks if you choose to use the selected font. Or use any of the sample texts included in the program. You can modify the size and color of the fonts and apply bold, italics and underline effects. You can even print the sample text for reference purposes.

If you choose to use the "Autoview" feature, the program will show you how the sample text will lookif you choose to use each one of the installed fonts, in sequence. Under the "Detailed Information" title, the program will show you the face name, source file and charset for the selected font when you have chosen to view the list categorized by FontFace or FontName, and the file name, path, face name and file size, if you are viewing the list sorted by FileName.

Manage My Fonts will show you the complete Character Map for each font. It will also let you install or uninstall any font, and even back up a font. It can also print the list of installed fonts.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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